Even though Kingdom Hearts is designed by Square Enix, it doesn’t really integrate status effects or enemy resistances into its combat. Contrary to most Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games, Kingdom Hearts doesn’t really have poison, stop, slow, haste, silence, fury, etcetera. While I was playing KH1 and KH2, it didn’t seem like any enemy had resistances besides the mages.

I’m surprised that a common effect like poison doesn’t exist in KH. Maybe Disney had some problems with it potentially being too complicated and inaccessible to non-gamers. …

The cultural context in which we talk about games is too often overshadowed by its consumerist association.

Games are often first seen as a form of entertainment, works of art next (if that ever happens). It’s not the general public that perpetuates these myths, but the consumers as well. For example, how many times have you considered how a game should be longer based on its market price? Have you ever thought anything along the lines of “This felt like a $30 game but I played it for +60 hours?” I for sure have.

Video essays change this perspective by nature of being intellectual/creative exercises. Basically, being an “essay” makes us go big brain because essays are…

Kingdom Hearts 2 FM is a hard game.

That "Critical" difficulty is no joke—I've died probably over 100 times by now. But, that's the most fun part of the game. The learning of new skills and techniques while learning how enemies work forces me to micromanage which strategies are useful, and which are not. Attack, defend, reflect, run, fly. With every new attempt at a boss, I learn something new and try something different. I'm doing some hard reading (Patience level has increased by +2.5!).

I am less afraid of scary enemies and more determined to hold my ground, waiting for their next strike. Attempting to button-mash the…


Giving constructive criticism comes from a place of love — if I didn’t care for a piece of art, then I would never talk about it. When I write about how a game could’ve done better, that doesn’t negate the value of my experience with it. Rather, I’m reimagining how the game could’ve related to me more, and maybe to you as well.

First, I have to admit: It feels weird to criticize and appreciate a game that understands how flawed and unserious it is. The story doesn’t take itself super seriously, and maybe you shouldn’t either. Obviously, this means…

It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

You know, that feeling you can’t explan, but you just want to share it?

It’s the profound epiphanies we want to tell our friends, the creative projects we want to post online, and the spontaneous sparks of gratitude where we want to suddenly text a friend we haven’t seen since high school graduation.

It’s a feeling of wanting to do something unusual and uncomfortable, but for no reason in particular.

But in many cases, these feelings… stay feelings.

You know, that feeling where you don’t want to express your feelings? It’s when “wants” never…

The Musings of Manboi

I like to talk about games in a way that make my heart go ugh and my brain go wow. Currently invested in JRPGs and interactive storytelling!

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